Famous People from Vero Beach, FL

Famous People from Vero Beach Florida

Some twenty-five years ago, the only celebrities that called Vero Beach home or even came visiting were limited to dignitaries and dodgers. As a matter of fact, most of their visits had a lot to do with spring training, which made Vero Beach feel way too uptight. However, those old days of a secluded, seasonal and sleepy city are long gone. This seaside haven has rekindled everything about it, exuding that Mayberry charm that you cannot possibly resist. The list of notable individuals has grown as well, attracting stars of a diverse ilk; it is no longer limited to political VIPs and baseball legends. Below are some of the most famous people from Vero Beach, FL.

Jake Owen

County singer Owen is a Vero Beach native, who more than anything is proud of his hometown. Not only has he breathed the city’s air, but he has also walked on its roads, relaxed on its beaches, played on its soil and also attended its schools. He is an alumnus of Vero Beach High, specifically the 1999 class. Jake always seems to have something on his mind to remind him of home, and his wistful smile every time Vero Beach comes up in a conversation betrays all his efforts to conceal his excitement. In addition to beach performances, he does a lot more to be a part of his community, including giving back through numerous organizations such as the Jake Owen Foundation. He also provides financial aid to families that are affected by cancer. For Jake, there is no level of stardom that will ever take away how much he loves his city.

Fred Barnes

Frederic “Fred” Wood Barnes was born in February 1943. He is most famous for being an outstanding American political commentator. He was the chief editor of the defunct news publication, The Weekly Standard and he also regularly appears on Fox News Channel program Special Report together with Bret Baier. In his early career days, he was a co-host of ‘The Beltway Boys’ with Mort Kondracke, which used to air on the Fox News Channel. According to the ”Forbes Media Guide Five Hundred, 1994”, Fred has over the years upheld his reputation as a prolific writer on presidential as well as several other political topics. Additionally, he has made appearances in some Hollywood films such as ‘Dave’, ‘Getting Away with Murder’, and ‘Independence Day’.

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