Things to Do in Vero Beach, FL

things to do in vero beach florida

The historic city of Vero Beach Florida, pulsates with exquisite restaurants, eclectic shops, as well as antique shops, exuding a natural charm that draws all in. In addition to this, it is well known for its numerous cultural attractions. Vero Beach lies in close proximity to Miami, just some 135 miles to the north. As such, you can imagine the kind of fun that awaits you. Below are some of the best things to do in Vero Beach, FL.

Enjoy beauty untold at the McKee Botanical Garden

Unfolding at Vera Beach’s southern gateway is the stunning McKee Botanical Garden, blossoming in full with tropical trees and native plant species. Get to enjoy the breathtaking sceneries of lush greenery dotted with colorful flowers and tranquil streams, all boasting a plethora of beautiful water lilies. Alternatively, you could choose to take a stroll along the well-manicured pathways that lead you into a wonderful grove of tall healthy palms.

Take your time to discover unique tree species and majestic waterfalls and even get to learn their untold stories. McKee Botanical Garden is not only a place bond with nature but also a highly valuable source of deep cultural enrichment. It hosts several programs, such as top-notch art exhibitions, educational schedules, and a ton of special events.

Wind off at the Beach

It goes without saying that a visit to Vero Beach is incomplete if you do not head down to the beach. Well, that is rightfully so and with good reason; the pristine beaches, soothing sun, warm climate, and quiet vast parks give it that natural X-Factor, beckoning to all to visit. The Golden Sands Beach Park, for instance, is outstanding, with full-time lifeguards and an impressive picnic area. It has dressing facilities, restrooms, and showers. It makes a perfect destination to snorkel or even Scuba diving.

Visit the Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge

Ever heard of the brown pelican? Well, this right here is this species’ habitat, and the best part is that you are welcome to visit at any time of the year. As a bonus, you can see the white pelican too, if you happen to visit around fall or early spring. This center remains open every day until sundown, boasting over 40 bird species with 16 nestings there. Be sure to bring water, mosquito repellants as well as sunscreen just to ensure that your skin is as good as it was before your visit.

Well there you have it… that was some things to do in Vero Beach, FL. And if you are ever in need of the best dentist in Vero Beach Florida. Come visit Dr. Tamra Brown at Vero Elite Dentistry.