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Why Your Six Month Dental Cleanings Are Important

Most dentists recommend that you get your teeth professionally cleaned at least every six months. These cleanings help to prevent tooth decay and detect oral health issues as early as possible.

Regular brushing and flossing at home focuses on cleaning at and above the gum line and is effective at removing bacteria from the mouth and polishing the teeth. Professional dental cleanings, on the other hand, involve a more thorough cleaning in which plaque and tartar are scraped from the teeth, dental roots, and gingival pockets. Deep dental cleanings play an important role in preventing periodontitis (gum disease).

For the majority of people, two cleanings a year is a good idea. However, your dentist may recommend that you visit more or less frequently based on the condition of your teeth, your lifestyle habits, and how diligent you are with at-home cleaning.

Standard Teeth Cleaning Procedure

Your six-month dental cleaning will begin with an examination. Your dental hygienist will examine your teeth with a small mirror. They will look for signs of decay or other dental problems. Dental x-rays are generally taken during six-month dental cleanings. They evaluate your oral health and get a more complete look at what’s happening inside your mouth.

The next step involves cleaning your teeth. Your hygienist will use a scaler, mirror, and other handheld tools to remove plaque and tartar. Your teeth will then be flossed and polished. At the end of your visit, your hygienist may recommend a fluoride treatment to protect the enamel against decay.

Importance of Six-Month Dental Visits

One of the best ways to protect your smile is through regular dental cleanings. Visiting your dentist every six months helps catch tooth decay in its early stages. Additionally, it stops the progression of symptoms like tooth pain and sensitivity.

Professional dental visits also prevent the buildup of plaque. Poor brushing and flossing habits can lead to a buildup of plaque that produces acids that can destroy tooth enamel and contribute to decay and gum disease. When left untreated, cavities and gum disease can cause permanent damage to the jaw and may potentially cause tooth loss.

Six-month visits to your dentist can save you money in the long term. Early detection of dental issues and disease allows your dental team to develop a treatment plan at the first sign of a problem. Treating dental conditions early on can help prevent the need for more expensive procedures in the future.

Above all, six-month dental cleanings can help improve the look of your smile. Not only will you leave the dentist with a clean, fresh feeling in your mouth, but your teeth will also appear whiter and brighter. Your confidence will receive an instant boost.

Schedule Your Six-Month Dental Cleaning

When it comes to your oral health, being proactive is critical. To learn more about the importance of six-month dental cleanings or to schedule an appointment with our Vero Beach, FL dentist, contact Vero Elite Dentistry today.